The Rangekit

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The Rangekit includes one OWB Holster and one double magazine carrier for the firearm of your choice! Ordering it like this saves money over purchasing the two items separately. That means more money for ammo in your pocket! You're welcome!

Your holster is designed with maximum usability, durability, and concealment in mind. Listed below are some unique features;

  • Holsters are constructed using waterproof, solvent proof, abrasion resistant, .08” thickness Kydex for superior durability compared to the common .06” Kydex.
  • Holes are drilled in ¾” increments to allow the use of a wide range of belt loops from many suppliers.
  • Overall holster size is kept to an absolute minimum to allow for better concealment and the use of less space on your belt. Also, the only point of retention on the firearm is the trigger guard. This greatly limits unnecessary wear on your firearm.
  • Ability to holster the firearm with the slide locked into the “open” position. You may also release the slide as the weapon is holstered.
  • OWB holsters can be open at the muzzle to allow for water and dirt to drain.
  • You may use the magazine release while the weapon is holstered.
  • The long outer opening edge of the holster can be used to rack the slide using the rear sights of the firearm if needed.

For my firearms holsters and magazine carriers I use tapered, injection molded belt loops. These have a much higher strength compared to Kydex belt loops and allow for a slimmer holster profile compared to using MALICE clips. These loops fit belt sizes of 1.5" or 1.75”, whichever is selected.
I include Tactical Tailor’s MALICE clips when the option for MOLLE Compatibility is selected. I find that these are also useful on belts up to 2.25” in height and provide enough flex to allow a belt to slide through it while holding the item tightly against the body. There are two engagement points on the clips; the smaller position is perfect for 2-row MOLLE platforms and belts up to 1.75” in height and the larger position designed for use on 3-row MOLLE platform and belts up to 2.25” in height. 
To change the setting of the clips, or to open them up to expose the screws for removal, slide a small pry tool underneath the tab on the back and pull the clip through.