Oatmeal Wallet

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Free yourself from conventional wallets! Enlighten yourself and become one with your inner operator. Or just simply come to the realization that regular wallets are crap and can be improved upon. The Oatmeal Wallet is a solution to the discerning person who needs a way to hold their wallet contents safely and securely in a multitude if different ways.

The Oatmeal Wallet holds either;
8 to 10 IDs or Credit/Debit cards,
20 to 25 business cards,
up to 6 cigarettes,
3 condoms,
2 tablespoons of peanut butter,
or an assortment of small rocks or gravel

And can be easily slipped into a pocket for maximum comfort without fear of bending the contents. If the option for the IWB/Cash clip is selected, The wallet is given special theft deterrent capabilities. 

With the IWB/Cash clip, you gain the following features;
Ability to wear the wallet IWB for maximum concealability and security. (This works GREAT for gym shorts as well!)
Ability to clip the wallet to anything (Bag straps, pockets, bag dividers, vehicle sun visors, etc.)
Ability to fold up cash and store it on the outside of the wallet like a traditional cash clip
And much, much more!

Made from the same kydex that we make everything else from there at Tactical Oatmeal, the Oatmeal Wallet is not only non-permeable, abrasion resistant, solvent resistant, impact resistant, moisture resistant, and RFID signature reducing, but it is sure to last you a lot longer than any conventional wallet!