Knife Sheaths

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I see it way too often and encounter it about as much. You find a knife that you like and you buy it. You get it and it is pretty much the best knife you have ever had except for one thing, it came with a crappy, afterthought of a nylon sheath with no retention. The sheath is most likely black, floppy, and has been falling apart since you took it out of the packaging... These knives are designed, produced and intended to last a lifetime. Why do the manufacturers include such a cheaply made and poorly designed sheath? There are two main reasons for this; it is more cost effective for the knife manufacturer as the manufacturer can use one sheath for a multitude of different knives. The other reason is that knives are not made to the same tolerances that firearms are so in order for the knife manufacturer to produce their own tailored sheaths would be a logistical nightmare. The end result, while benefiting the knife manufacturer, is a sheath that doesn't quite fit right, doesn't work well, and is less safe than having something made for that specific knife.

Time to do something about that! Here at Tactical Oatmeal, we can cook up something MUCH better for your blade investment. Available in all the standard colors and patterns as well as anything custom you can think of (We can handle full on digital imaging and infusing images into kydex) as well as just about any mounting possibility (IWB, OWB, MOLLE, Horizontal, Attachable to a holster, etc etc, etc.). Our tailored knife sheaths are much safer, work better, look better, and add that custom touch over the factory supplied unit as they are hand tailored to your specific knife.

Knife sheath construction requires you to ship your knife to us to be used in the process of building your hand tailored sheath. Turnaround time on this service varies with our current workload.

Contact Us today and let us make your custom sheath a reality!