What's with the wait time?

Everything here at Tactical Oatmeal is painstakingly crafted by hand to strict standards with a keen eye placed on details, fit, finish, aesthetic, and most importantly, safety. This takes time and being a small family ran business, this leads to lead times on orders. We strive to get your orders out as quickly as possible while still maintaining our rigorous standards and your patience is greatly appreciated! Feel free to Contact Us about your order!

How do I care for my gear?

Holsters get dirty. Holsters used every day get funky-stanky over time. This is just the way it goes. Fortunately, caring for your Tactical Oatmeal gear is mega easy! Just take your empty kydex item and either wipe it off/out with a damp cloth, wash it with mild soap and water and dry thoroughly, or just blow out with compressed air. A clean holster is a happy holster, and a happy holster wants to be in and around your pants. I would also recommend that you periodically tighten down hardware that may work itself loose over time and if necessary, apply blue loc-tite to the threads of hardware to keep from backing out if you have an issue. As always, Contact Us if you have any concerns!

Won't Kydex scratch my gun/knife

Here it is, the million dollar question. The short answer is, "it depends". It does not matter what material the holster is made out of, who made it, how it's used, how often the firearm is drawn, etc etc. Any holster WILL cause wear to the finish of the firearm, how much wear depends on the maker. We at Tactical Oatmeal take great strides to minimize any wear from using our holsters. By blocking ejection ports, rail sections, and any excessive retention points we can ensure that there will be no abnormal wear to the finish of your items.