Custom Holsters

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From mild to wild! Here at the Tactical Oatmeal Custom Shop we will do our best to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. We can build custom features into a standard holster style for you (like adding level 2 retention or building in a cant to the firearm), design custom imaging to be infused into the kydex (From simple logos or decals on standard colors to full on original imaging**) or we can even build you something totally custom tailored to your specifications. To get the ball rolling on something rad, hop on over and Contact Us and we will get back to you!


** For custom imaging the color of the base kydex being infused into must be as light at the lightest color in the image. For example; if the image contains white, the base kydex color will be white with all of the other colors infused into it. This means that the base kydex color will be visible on the inside of the item and around the edges as pictured above.